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The original copyright in the games of the Free Video Games Project belongs in most cases to the individual programmer or artist who designed them, as listed below. Often we re-write or convert games to take advantage of new coding technologies, so they remain accessible to the public. We provide this as a public service. The Free Video Games Project occasionally licenses games, and sometimes we publish games that are in the public domain. Many games, particularly those that are recreations of old games, are released into the public domain freely in this way.

Note that it is not possible to copyright a game idea. Relatedly, games that are re-written with new code create new copyright, to the benefit of the person who made them. Tribute or 'fan games' regularly fall into this category and are often the first step in a game designer's education or career. Archival and fan websites are a widely accepted tradition on the Internet (as one example... the Wayback Machine) and provide a valuable service, raising awareness of older content to younger people, and preserving content that would otherwise be lost, or become completely unplayable on modern systems. As the most recent example, hundreds of thousands of popular games coded in Adobe Flash, from the mid 90's to the mid 10's, are now all but lost, now that Google and Microsoft have removed support for the once ubiquitous Flash plugin in their popular browsers.

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